Manufacturing Capabilities

Multi-Layer Sheet Technology

  • Modern Multi-Manifold Die Technology to meet customer specifications.
  • Film lamination processing for decoration and UV protection.
  • Precise layer and gauge control.
  • Thickness ranging from .050" to .500".
  • Continuous improvement and technological development.

Wide Range of Custom Products and Colors

  • Reasonable minimums for custom sizes and colors.
  • Custom widths up to 90" wide.
  • Color matching services to meet customer requirements.
  • Spectrophotometer color controls and expert QC through entire production process.
  • A variety of textures available.

Specialty Capabilities and Expertise

  • Multi-layer structures to meet customer requirements.
  • Engineered materials for specialized applications.
  • Custom film laminations for highly cosmetic sheet.
  • Quality packaging and masking.
  • Technical expertise for demanding applications.

Service Standards and Controls

  • Highly experienced management team.
  • Dedicated and empowered staff.
  • Rapid quote and follow up services.
  • Quality sheet and on time deliveries.
  • Run to run consistency.