High Impact Sheet
High Impact Sheet
ABS- High Impact sheet available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Utility ABS-
Utilizing high quality recycle products for reliable, low cost and environmentally friendly products.  Available in black or white in a wide range of sizes.

High Impact TPO-
Cold temp ductility, chemical resistant and easily colorable. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes.
Weatherable Sheet
Weatherable Sheet
PMMA/ABS- Excellent aestetics, chemical resistance and a wide range of colors available.

Good weatherability, high impact, and a wide range of colors available.  Excellent paint replacement products.

Good weatherability, high impact, wide range of colors available. Improved for large part forming.

Low cost, good weatherability, available in High Gloss, Low Gloss, Various Colors, and clear.  Also available in decorative printed films.
Engineered Sheet
Engineered Sheet
PC/ABS- A very high impact sheet with high HDT low CLTE properties that provide a stronger and stiffer finished part.

High Heat ABS-
Elevated HDT and improved CLTE.

Low Gloss ABS-
Coextruded Low Gloss capped ABS for controlled gloss applications.

A textured "soft" feel composite structure with excellent aesthetics, impact, UV, and chemical resistance.
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