Cornerstones to our success are built around our investment in people, quality, service, & cutting-edge technology. 

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At Select Plastics, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality plastic products. From custom sheet extrusions to innovative solutions, our products are crafted with precision and expertise. With a focus on uncompromising quality standards and cutting-edge plastics technology, we deliver solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Our exceptional management team at Select Plastics comprises industry experts who bring extensive knowledge and experience to the table. With a customer-centric approach, they ensure outstanding customer service, precise execution, and flexible production timelines, consistently exceeding expectations.

“Select has proven to be the best vendor partner we have. They not only provide the best quality products but also excellent communication and service through the supply process. They understand by supporting their customers fully, they lead to our growth which subsequently positively impacts their business goals as well…it is hard to put into words what our partnership has meant through the years.”

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“Our volume and quality needs are great enough that many suppliers can’t meet them. Select Plastics was able to exceed our hopes and expectations. They’ve been very creative and innovative in finding solutions for us, not just in material qualities and price, but service and inventories too. They’re partnership is critical for us to properly service our customers and grow. They really care about doing everything right all the time.”

“I am the Purchasing Manager for a custom plastic thermoformer in the Marine Industry. For more than 25 years Select Plastics has been our primary supplier for all our ABS/TPO plastic needs. In my opinion, the quality & delivery of their product is the best in the plastics industry. And you can top that off with their great customer service and support from their sales team.”

“They are more than a vendor, more like a partner! I would highly recommend Select Plastics for all your thermoforming needs.”

“Select Plastics has been a solid supplier for us for several years. As with any business, sometimes there are challenges or disruptions in supply chains, however Select Plastics and our Account Executive have always provided prompt service and resolution to any of our sheet product needs. We are pleased with the overall quality and delivery efforts to service our account and they are always quick to support us if a challenge arises.”

“Select Plastics has been our partner/supplier for 10+ years. They have far exceeded our expectations being a company that communicates and delivers a quality product on time. The deeper connection they make as a true partner, the two-way communication, alignment with core values, and investment/insight in our company/relationship are just a few of the highlights that make us both successful in our continued journey together.”

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With locations in Fort Worth, TX and Scott City, MO, we are able to offer outstanding customer service and geographic advantage to decrease turn-around times.

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Custom Colors

We partner with color concentrate manufactures to ensure accurate color matches and lot-to-lot consistency.

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